Thursday, September 22, 2011


I knew this coming in
Your need was great
Monumental in size
A mountain for me
To climb to reach you

And as great as my strength
And endurance may seem
It wanes in my own unmet needs
I am tired of the uphill battle
Always climbing to reach you

Would you not even gaze down
To see that I too am struggling
Crawling and clinging
On this slope of your indifference
Only aware when I reach you

You there perched
Me always climbing
I can not bear being so unequal
Being a mere afterthought
When I reach you breathless
I am ready to let go of this
Risking the fall to oblivion instead
That I no longer move upward
Would you begin your descent
Climbing down to reach me


  1. Wow! Awesome! I love this post and the Heart that set it free.

  2. This is so powerful Kim - you have such an impressive way of capturing experience and emotions in words.