Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Kiss

Early in the morning
When the sky is still grey
Before the sun has spread its light
Over 4th Avenue to Shine
In you windows and over your bed
That warm space we rest in
I in that grey space still notice
Between sleeping and waking
Comfort in the way your arm
Rests over my waist
Hand curled under my belly
You are shifting in your own
Early restlessness trying to hold sleep
As if holding me might bring you back there
But soon the waking day calls you
A gentle squeeze and single kiss
Planted quickly and playfully
Between my shoulder blades
And you are gone bounding
Out of our shared burrow
If I was not so in between the worlds
Of dreams and awareness I would have
Turned and swept you back
Close to me onto me
Kissed you gently deeply and strong
The way we used to
But you were already gone
Like a rabbit or deer onto the next thing
And I slip back into sleep
Listening to your fingers on the keyboard

Later when we parted
Saying goodbye at Port Authority
Our lips brushing the others cheek
I wanted to nuzzle into your neck
Lingering in that place
Between you ear and shoulder
Breathe you in whisper
I love you
Maybe the time for the kiss
And those words has passed
Save for the quick pecks and light brushing
But I have not forgotten
Those tender hours
And you are as beautiful now
As when I first saw you
Even when I hear you sigh
At your image in the mirror
Desire is still my companion
When we are close
Love is following you
Even as you bound away

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  1. The most beautiful feelings I have ever felt through word... Just beautiful.