Monday, May 09, 2011

The Dream

Sunlight draws me out of the dream
Your voice and face still so vivid
We, the bookstore and the shopkeeper's question,
"What do you like the most about the city?"
Even in sleep I know
The company of you above all else
Is the best this city has to offer

Would you tell me as in the dream
"I told you do not love me." and turn away
I have never dared to say it
But my heart beating
With its full truth
Because it already lives there
In the dream, in this wakefulness

But here now pondering you
Still defended against me
All the hurt of' family, lovers, the world
Heaped between us
A place to rest your ambivalence
Or some wall I must climb to reach you
As if that mess will protect you

Unashamed dreamer offering affirmations
Aware of the hurt others have rained upon you
Like blows in some crazed boxing match
Aware too that you can hurt me
Are you willing to see my hands open
I am not defended, my heart is open
Come risk love and dare to dream

1 comment:

  1. So powerful in the willingness to be vulnerable.
    Beautiful expression and goodnight dear friend.