Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Night Sky

Do not confuse my softness for lack of strength
I am as vast and deep as the night sky
Though at times reticent, willing to go along
You still must be an adventurer to touch me
The journey of unfathomable lifetimes exists here
Between points of light that demands bravery

Look closer, become an astronomer
I am the stars of the night sky, a celestial goddess
Deceivingly cool and dim at first glance
Often overshadowed by the bright sun
But over the ages many have charted their way
And whispered dreamy wishes under my gaze

I do not need to be the sun filling the sky
Let me bask instead in your light
Your flaming heart won't burn me
Nor your brilliance overwhelm
I am of the same substance burning at your core
I too can ignite your flesh for what are stars but distant suns

Let yourself patiently map the constellations of this body
You will a find a heat that rivals your own
Desire white-hot that has burned for aeons
In this heart lives the pure essence of the universe
Find your line of sight, an azimuth of understanding
Soft and quiet carries a deep strength and passion

1 comment:

  1. Very cool, Kim. Especially the first 4 lines--independent of the emotion of the moment or the rest of the poem, those struck me and are beautiful. (The rest is cool, too.)