Friday, September 17, 2010


Bursting the pods of my containment?
Bursting the pods of my containment…
Bursting the pods of my containment!

Bursting…pop! Scroooooch….ploooff…

The soft inner fluff lining the pod is set free.
My gentle side; compassion, love,
Even fear is set free.
It floats upon the breeze, set free!

It dances upon the currents, a fine cloud, set free
It hovers and moves, lingering for moments
Then it is dispersed on the wind – set free

All the love, compassion and fear set free!
Although it may be no longer seen,
No longer perceived by the senses,
It/I become part of the world – set free!

What remains?
A cracked broken shell, seeming discarded
But inside a tiny shining seed… The whole of potential
Waiting to be planted.
The earth is ready
I am ready

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