Monday, September 27, 2010

All I can do

The news came
That you were gone
I read those words
Three, four times over
I could not believe them
All I could do was scream “No!”
And cry

How many years now
When we sat at your table
Putting together Sinister Wisdom
Friends ever since
You let me into your life
Always included a note
That ended “with love”

In New Mexico
The praise you so deserved
For all the years
Dedicated yourself to us all
On your way
You found and hugged me
If only I knew

I wonder now if we failed
Too busy to notice
If there was something
Else we could all do
A letter, a call, any way
To remind you
That you were not alone

But you and your love
Had decided together
This was best
To go quietly
In your bed
And now all I can do
Is miss you and live

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