Tuesday, March 09, 2010

You ask me

You ask me to write you
What words would you have
me so earnestly set
Down for you?

Do you want to know
about the longing?
Endless nights
that never seemed to pass

Or perhaps the dreams where
we are still reaching
Across time and space
to be understood.

Hair as black as a raven’s
Skin, golden, kissed by the sun
Brown eyes full of
Write me a letter you ask

And I am stumped by what to say
For all that I want to come rushing forth
yet keep close to me for fear of
your sweetness again lost

I send you music and oils,
chocolates and even words, but
I want to feel us entangled
Breathing together.

No letter would ever do
To contain all that I hold for you

1 comment:

  1. Really Great!
    If passion could heal the world...
    well let's hope it will!