Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Walking To The Edge

The edge calls
Calls you
Calls me
Approach, fall back
Approach again
Just so far, but
Not quite reaching the precipice

But I know
You want to stand
Teetering a little
On that edge
Daring yourself to
Look down
I know it because
I have dared myself as well

I have wished to stand
There with you
Feeling my breath suspended
As you take my hand
And we breathe
Out leaping
No fear in the falling
Together we could grow wings and fly

But I cannot
And you do not
Need that from me
So I will stand
At the bottom
Call to you
Arms outstretched
Waiting for you to trust and leap

I know you’ll never
Reach these waiting arms
But I will smile
As I see your shadow
Fall across me
You between earth and sky
Sing your name
As I watch you soar

1 comment:

  1. *Magical words*
    I am blessed to receive them.
    Just Beautiful