Monday, March 05, 2012


Perhaps it is that it has been one month
A measure of time
Something significant
Taking us beyond the casual
As if we were ever just casual
But today my heart is beating loudly
Fiercely insistent
Today I want to tell you everything
Hold your face in my hands
And tell you everything
Yes, there is time for all that
We have all the time
But today something in me is rushing
To the surface rushing to you
All that I have held back
Sits now in my chest insistent
And that long ago plea for someone
To be understood by and seen
Comes in your deep brown eyes
And all at once I want
To rush in like a wave
And all at once I want
to submerge and hide
Because of how you look at me
Unflinching in your gaze
And all my bigness
And all my smallness
Becomes inseparable
It is now a matter of time
Measured by my beating heart

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